PB & J Cup – Addicting Gluten Free Snack

Yesterday I made one of my favourite recipes, spiced rhubarb jam (scroll down to find the recipe post). If you have had rhubarb, you know that although there many health benefits, it is a terribly sour fruit.
We are beginning a slow cut back of sugar at my house (we just eliminated wheat, so we don’t want to go to far too fast on this journey and put ourselves in a state of shock) so I reduced the amount of sugar…a lot! Needless to say, eating it alone was sort of painful 😖 

A miracle came out of this though! I put a tablespoon of the jam in a cup with a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter and let me tell you, it was one of the best snacks I have ever had! Not the most calorie friendly, but if you are a fan of PB & J sandwiches and have decided to go gluten free, this may be your favourite snack too! I didn’t even miss the bread!

The key was to heat the jam so that it melts the peanut butter. I  not sure if it would work with normal sweetened peanut butter or overly sweet jam, but the Natural PB and the sourness and spiciness of the rhubarb jam were insanely addicting!

It was so good, I had another PB & J cup for dessert!!!!

Has anyone else ever done this?