Easy Pineapple Salsa

So yesterday I was feeling like Autumn was just around the corner and today it is hot as hell here in the sunny south of Niagara! You just never know what the weather will hold this summer! This is the strangest season ever!

So I have been craving pineapple lately and bought a nice juicy one on sale (yay for saving money!). After eating to my hearts desire, I had some left over. My brain immediately started searching the recipe index I keep stored in my head and pulled out a recipe for Pineapple salsa!

I haven’t made it in several years and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why! It isn’t even much of a recipe it is that easy and it is so delicious with so many things!

Use pineapple salsa for chicken, fish, pork chops, sausage, with tortilla chips, fish tacos, etc, etc! Again I start wondering why I haven’t made it in so long!

You won’t even need to write the recipe down (unless you have a bad memory, then I would suggest saving this post!)


  1. Pineapple
  2. Green pepper
  3. Jalapeño
  4. Onion
  5. Tomato
  6. Salt and pepper

I’m not even going to suggest ingredient amounts because I have never used measurements and have never made a bad salsa! You can even throw in some cilantro (which I hate more than anything in this world, so I never use it.)

Please try this recipe and let me know how it turned out and what you used it with. I have even been known to eat with with a spoon, so no judgement if that is the choice you decide to make 😁

We Are Growing a Pineapple!

I have seen this posted on Facebook and Pinterest, but never really thought much about it until we decided to try and create a self sustainable lifestyle!  Now the thought of growing our own exotic fruits seems very intriguing! 

So after we made our Chicken and Pineapple BBQ Skewers the other night, we lopped off the top of the pineapple and watched some tutorials to see how to do it. Here are the things I learned that may help you get started: 

  • Pick the pineapple by the best top (we didn’t, but we didn’t know we were going to try and grow the damn thing!)
  • Twist off the top of the pineapple, don’t cut it off
  • Most tutorials say rip off an inch of the leaves, but it is best to take it up until you only have a couple big leaves left
  • Stick it in water until it starts rooting. You will see roots start to establish after 3-5 days
  • Once it has a good root base, stick it on a pot with dirt
  • It can take 1-3 years to grow your first pineapple
  • Who cares how long it takes, they are very pretty House plant in the meantime! 

I will post an update in a week or so and let you know how it’s going! 

Does anyone have any advice? I would love to hear some success stories! 

BBQ Chicken Pineapple Skewers

For dinner on our first gluten free day, I thought I would whip up something my husband could not argue with….BBQ!

I picked up some peppers, onions and chicken at the farmers market and pineapple was on sale so as I looked in my fridge, it was a no brainer!

This is a super easy recipe that is perfect for that Summer BBQ or a quick weeknight dinner. Marinade the chicken in the ingredients below and let sit for 4 hours or so in the fridge. I also soak my wooden skewers in water while I marinade the chicken and veggies so they don’t blacken too much. I do like to use the wooden ones as I find they add a nice smokey taste, which I love. I pick my skewers up on Amazon because they are the cheapest and the quality it great. I bought them at the Dollar Store once (and only once) and they burst into flames immediately, even after soaking.

Chef Craft Thin Bamboo Skewers, 300 Piece

If you would like to be environmentally responsible, which I always encourage, check out the  stainless steel skewers. Buy once and use over and over!


Master Cook 12-in Flat Stainless Steel Barbecue Skewer set of 12

Put on skewers with pineapple and any other veggies you have in hand and slap them on the grill for 15-20 minutes. Healthy, delicious and of course gluten free!


Chicken Marinade

1 tbsp brown sugar

1 tbsp canola oil

1 tsp ground ginger

1 chopped clove of garlic

Pepper to taste

1/4 cup soya sauce (gluten free)