Dear Cucumber Beetle:

I see you hiding in that zucchini flower! You are so cute with your little yellow body and black stripes, boogieing around so innocently. 

This little relationship we have has to come to an end. I cannot stand it anymore, seeing you eat my leaves and contaminate my vegetables. 

My zucchinis are taking the brunt of this relationship, and for them, I need to end things right now! 

Lucky for you I do not believe in pesticides or chemicals in my garden or I would nuke you good! I do, however, know how much you HATE dish soap! 

So goodbye my cute, stripped friend. I know the chance is good that I will see you again soon, but just so you know, I have a never ending supply of dish soap and a spray gun and I am not afraid to use it every week until you and all of your friends are gone for good!