Munchie Dinners

Peppers, olives, mozzarella, pepperoni, pickles, rice crackers and broccoli

Have you ever come home from a crazy day at work and although you have a weekly meal plan and know what you should be cooking for dinner, you just don’t have it in you to turn on the stove? 

I have gotten into this rut at work where by the time I get home I am so tired and frustrated, I cannot be bothered. It is hard to stay healthy in a rut like that! It takes the rest of my energy to not order a pizza!

I know everyone gets into these ruts! So I thought I would share a little secret with you….munchie dinners 😁

Takes little energy, you don’t have to turn on the stove and you can make it whatever you want it to be (or feel like that night). It gives you the illusion you are cheating and eating what you shouldn’t because it is so satisfying, yet as long as you keep fresh healthy snacks in the house, it is a perfectly acceptable dinner! We all get the munchies now and then, minus we’ll find a way to feed the craving! 

The other night I made a big plate of   red and green peppers, olives, mozzarella, pepperoni, pickles, rice crackers and broccoli. It was so perfect (and relatively healthy) that it put me back in a good mood! 

Does anyone else ever do this for dinner?

Eating a Sandwich Without Bread

When we first cut wheat out of our diet, I felt like we weren’t getting enough calories in. Take the bread off the sandwich and you aren’t left with a lot! 

I found that we have had to add new carbs into our daily diet, especially lunches, which need to be easy and fast! Lucky for us, corn on the cob is plentiful around here! I find that eating a cob of corn with a salad is just the right amount of carbs and nutrients to keep me full for a long time! 

We have also taken to adding whatever we would make a sandwich with to a big veggie salad! Tuna is my absolute favourite, and on a salad it just takes on a whole new dimension! Lunch meat, eggs, avacodo and sprouts are all close seconds! 

It is all about the adventure and learning what it takes to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself! Everyone is different and everyone one has different tasters 😁

I look forward to lunch everyday now and am always looking for creative ways to bring “healthy” into  our lives! 

Three Easy Go-To Lunches (That are Healthy & Gluten Free)

I struggle with lunches. We are always in a rush since my Husband and I work afternoons and I am always trying to find things that are easy, healthy and will keep us full without the use of bread or wheat products.

I seem to keep coming back to these three delicious recipes, with ingredients that are simple and always available since you can change it up based on what you have on hand. 

Spinach Bar

Why make just a salad when you can experiment with new flavours and textures! This is one of my favourite go-tos because you can use anything! Just put out huge bowls of spinach and different dressings, then go through your fridge and choose delicious items to add! I like cheeses, tomato, mushrooms, herbs, pickles, lunch meats, olives….or whatever I have kicking around! I use fruits sometime too! Super yummy, healthy, gluten free and most importantly, EASY!

Tuna Salad Bowl

This is a great dish because it packs a lot of protein and fibre and keeps me full for a long time! We don’t even use dressing, just salt and pepper! Again, you can use anything you have in the fridge to make a delicious salad and then whip up a can of tuna (I like to mix it with light mayo, but ranch, greek dressing or sour cream also make delicious tuna) and plop it right there in the middle of your salad! Couldn’t be easier!

Scrambled Eggs

I am sure you are going to see a theme here! Scramble eggs and add any veggies you have in the fridge! Here I used peppers and onions and topped with fresh herbs from the garden! So good! I never eat eggs for breakfast since I am an oatmeal person, but eggs for lunch is a weekly occurrence in my house. Sometimes it is tomato basil eggs, sometime spinach and cheese, other times I add peppers, zucchini, broccoli or whatever I have in hand! 

So I hope this gives you some inspiration! There is nothing fancy here or complicated and everything can be suited to your dietary needs and what you just happen to have in the fridge! 

Bon appetite!

Meal Planning on a Budget

I went to the grocery store this morning and was super happy with some “discount” finds! I am always trying to keep my weekly grocery budget under $40.00 ($30 is always my goal) and looking for recipe inspiration isn’t always cheap! 

They say the most brilliant, creative ideas come out of poverty, so the way I look at it, if I only bring $40 to the store, I am going to come up with the best ideas on how to spend it and make it go as far as I can! 

Today I spent $35.00 and my meal plan is as follows (some stuff I already have and that was all taken into consideration when making my list…..I am always planning!) 

  • Steak Roll Ups with peppers, onions and a big salad
  • Cauliflower crust pizza with cheese, olives and tomatoes 
  • Turkey tacos in corn shells, lettuce, tomato, refried beans and cheese
  • BBQ sausage with fried apples and potatoes 
  • Cheese omelettes with a big salad

I will still have lots left over for snacks πŸ™‚ Keep an eye for some of these recipes later this week!

How I Eat Healthy AND Cheap!

My husband has been telling me for years that I should write a book on how to eat well on a Budget. There are only 2 of us, but we can eat like a king and queen for $30.00 a week!

A lot of factors go into this grocery budget. Here are a couple of tricks I use when planning my grocery list:

  1. First, and this may seem totally obvious to some of you, butΒ plan, plan, plan! Check all of the flyers to see what’s on sale. I always have an ongoing list of recipes and ideas I want to try on Pinterest so when salmon goes on sale, I have a recipe ready to try and know what other ingredients to buy. Then I figure out how much of the other ingredients will be left over and work then into another recipe. We never have wasted food in this house!
  2. Make a meal plan every week! I always know what is on the menu. This helps to remind me to take meat out of the freezer, pick veggies out of the garden before work or precook if I can. Nothing like coming home after a long, tough day at work and staring in the fridge for something to eat. That almost always leads to ordering pizza πŸ•and that isn’t healthy or cheap!
  3. We do not eat a lot (if any) of processed or sugary foods. Although processed food can be cheap, you are spending the same money for one meal then you would for fresh ingredients to make a meal for two or more with leftovers if you plan it right.
  4. Farmers Markets can be your best friend! Not only are you directly helping to feed other families by buying local, but you are saving money on fruits and veggies that will last longer in your fridge eliminating waste. We eat a lot of fruits and veggies here, and the produce at the grocery store isn’t all great, and it can be really expensive. We try to buy all of our produce at the market on Fridays and because it is so fresh, it never goes bad by the end of the week.
  5. This one took me a while to get into, but shop off the discount rack. I have picked up a lot of apples, potatoes and other great veggies that have a long shelf life off the discount rack for a dollar. Same with meat, although to be honest I never buy discounted chicken, that just scares me. But I call tell you that almost every time we have steak, if it isn’t from the butchers it is off the discount rack 😁
  6. Grow whatever you can yourself! If it were up to me, I would have chickens for eggs and cows for milk in the backyard. We are trying to live a more sustainable life lately and I think this really is the key to healthy affordable living!

I hope that some of you can use some of these tips when planning your grocery list!