Fresh Garden Cucumber Salad

I have been really excited about all of the cucumbers that have been coming out of the garden lately! Fresh, beautiful little green cylinders that make great pickles, relishes, eye masks and of course, salads! 

If you are like me, lettuce salads are great, but sometimes you just crave something different! Something fresh, juicy and light. May I offer you a simple recipe for cucumber salad to curb that craving?

Now let me start by saying one thing right away….the longer it sits the better. So if you are having a dinner party and want a side dish that you can prepare ahead of time, this is your recipe! It pairs well with anything off of the BBQ for amazing summer entertaining!

Fresh Cucumber Salad

This recipe serves 3-4 as a side dish, but feel free to double (or triple it) because remember, the longer it sits the better! Also makes a great lunch the next day.

  • 3 small or 1 large cucumber
  • Handful of fresh dill (big handful)
  • 1tbsp mayonnaise 
  • 1tbsp sour cream (or greek yogurt)
  • 1tsp apple cider vinegar
  • Salt and pepper to taste ( my taster likes lots!)

Just mix everything together and let sit in the refrigerator.

Like I mentioned, let sit for at least 4 hours. Overnight is so much better though! 

I have seen a lot of people say cucumber salad doesn’t have much flavour, but my guess is they didn’t let it sit long enough! 

So if you are like me and have lots of cucumbers and dill in your garden, you might be serving a lot of this recipe! It tastes like summer, it is perfect to prepare ahead and perfect for hot summer days! 

Dear Cucumber Beetle:

I see you hiding in that zucchini flower! You are so cute with your little yellow body and black stripes, boogieing around so innocently. 

This little relationship we have has to come to an end. I cannot stand it anymore, seeing you eat my leaves and contaminate my vegetables. 

My zucchinis are taking the brunt of this relationship, and for them, I need to end things right now! 

Lucky for you I do not believe in pesticides or chemicals in my garden or I would nuke you good! I do, however, know how much you HATE dish soap! 

So goodbye my cute, stripped friend. I know the chance is good that I will see you again soon, but just so you know, I have a never ending supply of dish soap and a spray gun and I am not afraid to use it every week until you and all of your friends are gone for good! 

Cucumber Water

I have always drank a lot of water. I try and get my 8 cups a day in every day. I find I get a headache if I don’t drink a lot and I feel hungrier through out the day. 

I picked up some cucumber at the farmers market this week and thought I would give this “cucumber water” a shot. I like water…..I like cucumber, so how bad could it be! 

It wasn’t bad…… was GREAT! Fresh, cold and tasty! I have almost doubled my water consumption in the past few days just by adding some cucumber to my water bottle! 

And if drinking even more water didn’t make me feel good enough, I googled the benefits and felt even better!!

  • It keeps you hydrated. Your body can’t function properly without water. 
  • It helps with weight loss. 
  • It delivers antioxidants. 
  • It may help prevent cancer. 
  • It lowers your blood pressure. 
  • It supports healthy skin. 
  • It boosts bone health.

Give it a try!