Keto Grilled Cheese

There isn’t many things that I miss since going keto. I can live without pasta, cake and that terrible tasting commercial bread. I don’t crave carbs anymore and am grateful for that.

The only thing that gets me is I love, love, love soup! On a chilly evening, nothing beats a steaming bowl of homemade soup. The only thing better is a hot bowl of soup paired with a grilled cheese! After months of wishing I could just whip up some delicious bread, butter and cheese, I decided to get creative.

I don’t use almond flour or coconut flour to try and recreate things I shouldn’t be eating, so that wasn’t an option. But one recipe that is a staple in the keto world is cloud bread. I had to see if it would hold up to a hot grill. Let me tell you, it’s buttery, crumbly and yummy!

If you haven’t made cloud bread, go here and check it out! The recipe may seem a little tricky the first time, but once you get used to it, you will add it into your regular rotation. It is only eggs, cream of tartar and cream cheese!

Once you have a batch of cloud bread ready, just use the same process to make a grilled cheese being careful that it does get a little more crumbly then regular bread.

Butter the flat part of the bread and drop in a hot pan. Fill it with cheese and anything else you love. I like onions, tomato, ham and in this case, Genoa salami.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! It has been a life saver for me when I get that intense cheesy craving every time I make homemade soup!

The Perfect Bacon

Being on a keto diet almost demands bacon at least once a week. I love bacon, but have always hated cooking it…until now!

This may be a trick you already know, but so many people that come over for breakfast are amazed with how I cook bacon that I thought it was worth a post.

How to cook the perfect bacon

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and place parchment paper in pan. Tin foil will cause sticking and nothing at all is just a nightmare to clean, so parchment is a must! Lay out bacon so it slightly overlaps on the fat side. I like fatty bacon so usually this doesn’t matter for me, but if you have lean bacon, make sure to overlap the fat and not the meaty part.

Once over is heated to 400, pop it in for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, take it out and flip it. The bacon will have shrunk so you no longer have to overlap. Put it back in the over for 10-15 minutes depending on how crispy you like your bacon. For me it’s 10 minutes while I cook my eggs.

And that is all folks. No mess, no splatters and perfectly straight and crispy bacon every single time!!

One Year, Keto and 30 Pounds

I have taken a year off from Friendly Food accidentally and I have missed my friends here! I realize my last post was a week shy of a year ago and I cannot believe how much had changed!

In July 2018, I switched to a keto diet, focusing on high fat meats and greens mostly (and cheese of course…I cannot live without cheese) With hours and hours of research under my belt, I was able to come up with super simple meal plans every week and eat like a Queen without even missing grains and sugars. My husband never even complained!

I have seen a lot of people switch to keto for weight loss and I have to say, it really does work. I lost 30 pounds in my first 3-4 months and I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t switch to keto to lose weight but for stabilizing my anxiety and focus (which keto absolutely helped me) but the weight loss was a great side effect.

I have slowly started adding in high fibre carbs back into my diet like sweet potatoes and black beans in moderation, but I am not sure yet if they are giving me desired results and may cut them out again. Figuring out the best diet for you is a process and everyone is totally different.

To me, simplicity is key. Keto is a popular (fad) diet and of course corporate will take advantage of that. You can eat a successful diet without all those hyped up ingredients, so remember that you don’t have to buy expensive products to see results, no matter what you read.

So long story short, I am back to my recipes on Friendly Food now that Spring is finally here! If any of my friends and followers are eating keto and have good recipes, please share!

7 Affordable Mothers Day ideas for Mom’s who love to cook


Do you have a “Foodie Mommy”? The kind of Mom that spent three days cooking an unbelievable Holiday dinner or who always made a birthday cake that the kids talked about for months after your party?

I have been thinking a lot about what to get my “Foodie Mommy” for this upcoming Mothers Day and after doing some (by some, I mean a lot) of research, I have decided that it is hard to buy for these food loving, always cooking, seem to have every gadget on earth parents that taught us our way around the kitchen!

If you have a “Foodie Mommy” like I do and you have been looking for some great ideas for them, check out this list of unique, affordable and genius gifts that they are sure to love!

1. Professional Chef Coat






My Mom likes to have a lot of dinner parties and sometimes even caters events and parties for friends and family. She will look fantastic in this professional chef coat! It could be the perfect gift (especially at only $20.95) and comes in black or white.

2. Chop It Like It’s Hot Tea Towel






Does your Mom have a great sense of humor? If so, these tea towels might just be perfect! Not only are they stylish and would match any kitchen decor, but they are absolutely hilarious…and only $14.00!

3. 1000 Food To Eat Before You Die by Mimi Sheraton






I am not trying to insinuate that your Mom is old and about         to die. I am just saying that every true Foodie has a list of foods that they MUST try eventually. Why not help Mom along by giving her a book that lets her explore her options. This book is a great gift for only $14.79 that may just change her life!

4. 11 Piece Apron Set





If you like to cook, chances are you may already have a collection of aprons. But if you are like me, I will go without one if I don’t have an apron that matches my outfit! Mom will love this set because it comes with 11 quality aprons in every color of the rainbow, and the entire set is only $29.99!


5.  Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener






Almost every Foodie has a set of knives that they cannot live without! If your Mom loves to cook, then it is almost guaranteed that she already has a set of good knives. But does she have a way to keep them performing at their best? Does she have a Knife Sharpener? Because if she doesn’t, this is a great gift for only $14.96.

6. Fresh Organic Infused Olive Oil






If you love to cook, you love olive oil, that is almost a sure thing! This beautifully packaged gift set comes with 4 small bottles of real, fresh herb infused bottles of olive oil. This my friends is my choice for the “Foodie Mommie” in my life this upcoming Mothers Day. Also, if any of my friends or family is readying this, I would love it as a gift 🙂 It is only $27.50 with free shipping!

7. Copper Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinders






Classy, functional and high quality! These beautiful grinders come on a wooden stand, perfect for putting on display on the dinner table. They do not come filled (FYI), so add some pretty sea salts and colorful peppercorns to a gift basket and you have an amazing gift! These grinders and wooden stand are only $26.99.


I hope you were able to find some inspiration, if not the perfect gift for your Mom who loves to cook! If you have any other great ideas, send it to me in the comments and I will add to the list!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you out there!