Recycled Christmas Tree Into A Bird Sanctuary

Fruit hanging from tree for the birds!

Don’t throw that pine tree to curb! Here is an idea that will put your real Christmas tree to use after the holidays are over!

We have a lot of little sparrows and chickadees on our property, and every winter we try to put out feeders to keep them fed. This year, we had a brilliant idea to build them a “bird sanctuary” by using our old Christmas tree. We cut down a fresh tree every year, so it usually has tons of life left in it for months after the holidays (it is currently March and the tree still looks the same as when we cut it down in December!). Instead of putting it to the curb, we left it in the stand and hauled it out to the front porch!

Note: Make sure not to leave any tinsel on the tree as this can be lethal to the birds if they try to eat it.

Christmas tree recycled into a bird sanctuary

Once the tree is outside, you can decorate it with all likes of fun, edible items for the birds to enjoy during the cold winter months. We used pine cones dipped in peanut butter (all natural of course), toilet paper rolls covered in bird seed and orange slices. I have also put out strawberries and watermelon as well. Anytime there is fruit left in the fridge that becomes unappealing to eat, I slice it and hang it on the tree!

As you can see on the picture of the tree above, the birds devour anything that I hang for them. It is hard to keep up with the demand of our fat little feathered friends, but watching them in the tree every morning, filling their bellies, makes the task of “restocking” worth every second!

Another great idea for the tree is to drape from yarn around it for the birds to use for their nests! They will appreciate the warm wool when they are snuggled up with the babies in the spring!

The Bird Sanctuary not only acts as a place to hang food, but it is also a great safe spot for the them to hide while all of the trees are bare in the winter!

I hope that you give this a try next January after you have taken down all of the Christmas decorations! Get the family together and start a new winter tradition! The birds will thank you!

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