Don’t Throw Out Dog Hair

I have dogs, very, very hairy dogs. At least once a day I go “bunny hunting” in my house. By that, I mean chasing the hair bunnies that like to roll across the floor with the slightest breeze. 

You can brush them all day long, but in the end, they are still hairy creatures! We fill an entire grocery bag with hair every week after brushing them and I hate how much it fills up the garbage (I try to put out the least amount of garbage as possible).

I started stuffing the hair into bird feeders and you know what? The birds LOVE IT! They use it in their nests for their babies and in their houses as an insulator. 

So help a bird out and don’t throw out your dog hair! It just clogs up the garbage and then the landfills. Put it out for the birds to make a nice warm home!

You can also compost it, however it takes a really long time to decompose. Another great use is to put it right in the soil in your garden if you have animal and pest issues. It will keep away the bunnies, skunks and deer as well as slugs and snails! 

Happy brushing my friends! 

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