Healthy Changes in 30 Days (Guest Post

I want to thank Christy from When Women Inspire ( for allowing me to write a guest piece for her wonderful blog! It has been a pleasure following her blog and it was an honour to be askedย ๐Ÿ™‚ย I hope this post will inspire people to make small changes over the course of time to help achieve a long lasting healthy lifestyle!

When Women Inspire

Please join me in welcoming Morgan of the Friendly Food blog here today for a guest post on healthy monthly eating challenges. Hereโ€™s Morgan to explain what her family is doing to change their eating habits โ€“ and why exactly theyโ€™re doing it. Take it away, Morgan!


If being healthy is hard, and handling change is hard, than making healthy changes is damn near impossible!

My husband and I have made the commitment to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle by making one small healthy change a month! It is not about loosing weight or being more attractive, (we are pretty darn cute to begin with!) but it is about controlling what we put into our bodies.

Healthy living 30 day challenges Morgan and her husband Jack are making health changes to improve their lives. Photo via Morgan of the Friendly Food blog.

There is no denying that society is getting sicker, fatter andโ€ฆ

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