Oat Pizza Crust Review

I have been craving pizza lately….really bad! I still refuse to buy gluten free flour (or anything that is marketed as gluten free for that matter), so I have been looking at recipes using regular ingredients that I would usually use. It is amazing what people will make pizza dough out of πŸ˜†

I ended up using this Oat Flour Pizza Crust recipe from Deliciously Fit. It looked interesting and I had all of the ingredients already in the house. 

I was really curious what the texture would be like and if it would taste like eating a pizza on top of a bowl of oatmeal! The answer was….yes, that is exactly what it tasted like! But I liked it! The taste was amazing and although the texture was not like regular dough, I thought it worked perfectly!

The process was really simple and fast, which was a bonus for me. I used to make dough all the time, and the kneading and rising was sometimes painful when you just wanted to eat pizza! With this Oat Crust, I had the finished pizza on the table in 30 minutes!

One of the great things about this recipe is I was able to prepare the dough all in the food processor! I used regular oats and blended them into flour, then just added the other ingredients and zipped it all together! 

A word of warning here: this is not like regular pizza dough! You will have the urge to add more oats to make it more doughy, but trust me, DON’T DO IT! It will just turn out dry and crumbly. Stick to the measurements on the recipe. It will resemble the texture of cookie dough. 

Once mixed, I plopped it on some parchment paper (I hate scrubbing pans, so I use parchment for everything!) Spread it out to whatever shape and thickness you like! 

Next time I make this, and there will definitely be a next time, I will make it thinner to cover the whole tray. Some parts of my pizza were a little thick and chewy. 

That’s it! Bake, top with pizza goodness and bake again! 

In conclusion, this Oat Pizza Crust was delicious! I really loved the taste of the oats and spices, and found that it brought a whole new level to my Pesto Tomato Pizza (that recipe is coming soon). My pizza lovin’ husband approved, so that means this recipe gets two thumbs up! 

If you try it, make sure to let Deliciously Fit know what you think! 

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