Sugar Free Coffee….Yuck!

I have been toying with the idea of cutting sugar out (or at least cutting back). It really wouldn’t be too hard, except for my morning routine of coffee. 

I love my morning coffee! The stonger the better and it usually takes three cups of the steaming brew to satisfy the craving. 

Yesterday I thought I would give it a go and tried it without sugar….yuck! It was really, really gross! I didn’t even make it half a mug and gave up. Then I tried it with honey…..yuck! It was too strong of a taste and took away from the coffee flavour. 

I am a double double drinker so I guess I love cream and sugar as much as I love my coffee. 

This morning I went with 1 sugar and 1 cream and it was doable. I am going to just keep cutting it back in hopes of achieving my dream of being able to enjoy it just as much black! 

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