Please Peas, Grow Faster!

It’s that time of year when the garden is just starting to pop out of the ground and tease you with its brilliant colours and shapes. You can almost taste it already! 

One if my favourite snacks is snow peas right off the plants. Every day I go out to the garden to see if these little guys have grow anymore. 

They are growing fast and just about ready to cling to the fence and start flowering! I am so excited to see those flowers because you know they will soon be delicious peas for the taking! 

I think it will be another month still, but I keep checking everyday in hopes of a miracle pea appearing for me to snack on! 

2 thoughts on “Please Peas, Grow Faster!

  1. Like you, I eat a LOT of peas while still in the garden, but I did manage to put 4 pt in the freezer this morning. We ate all the first picking in various ways, and this was the second. I think one more picking (it’s been in the 90’s for days!) and then out go the vines to make room for succession crops…peppers, beans, and more carrots.


    1. I am jealous you are already eating peas from the garden 😃 we got our seeds in a month ago and I just wish they would grow a little faster! I have never put any in the freezer, do they freeze well?


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