Easy Gluten Free Pancakes 

I LOVE pancakes! I cannot emphasize that enough! It is…it was my absolute favourite Sunday breakfast until we cut wheat from our diet.

I started searching online for gluten free pancake recipes and found a bunch of options, but most looked complicated and time consuming. So I took the best info from each recipe and combined it into an easy, healthy and delicious recipe for gluten free pancakes with only 4 ingredients that most people have in their house! 

This maybe be the simplest recipe ever! 


  1. 2 x bananas
  2. 1 cup oatmeal (blended)
  3. 4 eggs
  4. Cinnamon to taste

Here is the easiest part….put everything in a blender and pour your batter right from the blender into the pan. I blended the oatmeal first for the picture above, but the next time I blended it all together and it resulted in the perfect consistency! 

Make sure to start with a good amount of butter in the pan first to avoid sticking!

This recipe made 6 nice size pancakes that were delicious, moist and perfect! 

Remember, these arent going to cook like regular pancakes, so keep the temperature on medium low,  flip carefully and you will not be disappointed 😁

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