Eating a Sandwich Without Bread

When we first cut wheat out of our diet, I felt like we weren’t getting enough calories in. Take the bread off the sandwich and you aren’t left with a lot! 

I found that we have had to add new carbs into our daily diet, especially lunches, which need to be easy and fast! Lucky for us, corn on the cob is plentiful around here! I find that eating a cob of corn with a salad is just the right amount of carbs and nutrients to keep me full for a long time! 

We have also taken to adding whatever we would make a sandwich with to a big veggie salad! Tuna is my absolute favourite, and on a salad it just takes on a whole new dimension! Lunch meat, eggs, avacodo and sprouts are all close seconds! 

It is all about the adventure and learning what it takes to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself! Everyone is different and everyone one has different tasters 😁

I look forward to lunch everyday now and am always looking for creative ways to bring “healthy” into  our lives! 

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