My Love Hate Relationship With Mint

I have a garden full of gorgeous mint! Peppermint and chocolate mint grow effortlessly along the house, adding a green and aromatic display of freshness. It is so pretty, I really do love it!

Every year, it grows into the grass and we have to mow it down with the lawnmower. It also spreads like a disease and grows threw my deck, gets tangled in my hose and pops up every where you don’t want mint! It is so invasive, I really do hate it!

In the fall when I start cleaning out the gardens, I chop down the mint and let it hang in the mud room. Once dried, it makes the most amazing, natural tea ever! I even have people asking me for it! I can make peppermint and chocolate mint tea! It tastes so good, I really do love it!

Other than tea, there isn’t a whole lot of uses for mint that I have found. There is just to much to use it all making tea, and I hate wasting it. I always feel edible plants should serve their purpose, but what else can you do with mint (other than make a mean mojoto!) It is so much work for so little, I really do hate it!

So you see my problem? Mint and I have a love hate relationship! But I the end, I like it enough to keep it around, but hope to find some new uses for it soon!

Any ideas would be very helpful. Please comment your thoughts and help a girl out 😁

12 thoughts on “My Love Hate Relationship With Mint

  1. How about just growing the amount you want in a pot or container? Then it shouldn’t outgrow its boundaries and you’ll have space to plant something else that’s maybe not so invasive.
    – Christine


  2. Add a few sprigs of mint to a liter of cold water with some lemon wedges and sliced strawberries, let sit in the fridge for 15+ minutes, and you have fruit infused water!

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  3. Peppermint oil, which you can make yourself, is a great way to keep spiders away. I have a hate-hate relationship with spiders. I even posted about it once. Mint is also great with lamb. You can make jelly. And peppermint in the vegetable garden keeps certain pests away from specific vegetables.


    1. Peppermint oil is a wonderful idea!! I will have to look into it! Thanks so much!!
      I also have a huge hate hate relationship wit spiders. I have tried using peppermint oil but they come right back 🙁We live by the lake and getting rid of spiders seems almost impossible sometimes!

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      1. Oh, yeah! Water and spiders seem to go hand in hand. I read somewhere, even in a suburban area, you’ve never more than 6 feet away from a spider. Out here in the country I think it’s more like 2 or 3 feet.

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