Kitchen Composting

Healthy plants come from healthy soil! We are lucky enough to have a compost pit behind our garage where we dump grass clippings, leaves, etc and we try to dig it up ever year to add to our veggie gardens. 

One of the things I have had issues with was composting all of our kitchen waste. We eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and have a lot of peels, cores and rinds left over after every meal that should be going into the pit, but who wants to put on shoes and walk to the garage?

Last year I tried keeping the kitchen waste in a container on the counter and planned on bringing it out at the end of every day. The problem was I kept forgetting and if any of you have ever opened a container of compost that has been sitting on the counter for a week, well, it’s just gross!

Then I got smart! I started freezing my compost in big baggies! 

I cannot tell you the difference this made (and yes, I felt sort of stupid for not thinking about it sooner!) We had WAY less garbage every week, barely any actually. What wasn’t recycled was composted. Not much left for the garbage can! 

We fill at least one of these huge bags a week. I also do another bag of coffee grinds and eggs for my house plants! 

Once the bag is full, just dump the frozen contents in the pit or compost container to start doing its job of making beautiful soil for your plants! 

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