Three Easy Go-To Lunches (That are Healthy & Gluten Free)

I struggle with lunches. We are always in a rush since my Husband and I work afternoons and I am always trying to find things that are easy, healthy and will keep us full without the use of bread or wheat products.

I seem to keep coming back to these three delicious recipes, with ingredients that are simple and always available since you can change it up based on what you have on hand. 

Spinach Bar

Why make just a salad when you can experiment with new flavours and textures! This is one of my favourite go-tos because you can use anything! Just put out huge bowls of spinach and different dressings, then go through your fridge and choose delicious items to add! I like cheeses, tomato, mushrooms, herbs, pickles, lunch meats, olives….or whatever I have kicking around! I use fruits sometime too! Super yummy, healthy, gluten free and most importantly, EASY!

Tuna Salad Bowl

This is a great dish because it packs a lot of protein and fibre and keeps me full for a long time! We don’t even use dressing, just salt and pepper! Again, you can use anything you have in the fridge to make a delicious salad and then whip up a can of tuna (I like to mix it with light mayo, but ranch, greek dressing or sour cream also make delicious tuna) and plop it right there in the middle of your salad! Couldn’t be easier!

Scrambled Eggs

I am sure you are going to see a theme here! Scramble eggs and add any veggies you have in the fridge! Here I used peppers and onions and topped with fresh herbs from the garden! So good! I never eat eggs for breakfast since I am an oatmeal person, but eggs for lunch is a weekly occurrence in my house. Sometimes it is tomato basil eggs, sometime spinach and cheese, other times I add peppers, zucchini, broccoli or whatever I have in hand! 

So I hope this gives you some inspiration! There is nothing fancy here or complicated and everything can be suited to your dietary needs and what you just happen to have in the fridge! 

Bon appetite!

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