Change in Diet, Change in Life

My Husband has always been super skinny and has never had to think about what he puts into his body (don’t you just hate people like that, LOL)

He has also had a lot of ailments like lack of energy in the morning, stomach problems, sinus problems and extreme aches and pains. He tends to sleep late every morning because he is up all night with pain and insomnia. 

When he watched the “What’s With Wheat” documentary, his eyes got as big as golf balls. “I have all those problems” he says, “is wheat causing my problems?”

The answer is….who knows! But there was only one way to find out! Stop eating wheat

This wasn’t something that sat well with him and he had his little cheats everyday (a beer left over in the fridge, a donut on the way to work, a sandwich at a friends house) but for the most part, he did pretty well for a “newbie”!

So yesterday was a full week that he has been completely gluten free. Over dinner last night, he just went on and on about the amount of energy he has now, how his head feels less foggy and how his aches and pains are lessening! He has now pledged to stay committed to being gluten free for the long term. Wow! It blew me away to hear him talk like that. From the man who has eaten whatever he wanted his whole life! 

So there you have it folks! He is proof that a fairly simple change in your diet can create such a huge change in your life! And he is only a week in!

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