Thank Goodness Wine is Gluten Free!

“Making changes is hard” (she says in a whiny, childlike voice) and stomps her feet!

Ok, it isn’t that hard really, especially making lifestyle changes as slow as we are in fear of  dropping the ball, or spontaneously combusting! I do miss the nights when we could just crack a beer and order a pizza after a long day working with children! If anyone out there reading this is a teacher or works with kids all day you know exactly what I am talking about! Now that is hard….totally satisfying but stressful!

I have always loved my wine and had a moment of panic after we cut out wheat in our diet! Is there wheat in wine? Why not, it is in everything else! Will I have to spend a million dollars on gluten free wine? 

The answer is NO!! Wine is gluten free! We buy it local since we live In beautiful wine country, and shop at vineyards the are all organic and chemical free so I don’t even feel guilty for having a great glass of wine after work…..or two!

Last night I sat down after a Performance Workshop and four hours of band rehearsals with 30 kids (I run a non profit music school by the way) and enjoyed an amazing and local bottle of 2012 Syrah! It was lovely, relaxing and I didn’t feel bad about it at all ❤️


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