Why I Stopped Eating Wheat

So many people are going on low carb diets or eliminating gluten from their diet to loose weight. It seems like it has become just one of those fad diets…..remember the cabbage soup and banana diet? 

I am not the kind of person to follow a fad (I buy all of my clothes at thrift store for goodness sake) and I am not on a diet to loose weight quickly to wear a bathing suit to the beach this summer. I am on an adventure to eliminate chemicals and toxins from my body and live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. So where did I start? WHEAT HAD TO GO! 

I am a serious investigator in life. If you want to find the best vacation at the best price, I am the one to ask. I can research the snot out of anything until I find the answer, and researching how wheat is processed scared the hell out of me! 

There are many documentaries, blogs and websites devoted to going gluten free, but “What’s With Wheat” really freaked me out. After researching what they said and confirming it, I was so disgusted and scared for the entire world that I threw out all bread, crackers and pastas in my house immediately! We are all poisoning ourselves! Did you know that wheat is sprayed with 10 different chemicals before it enters your house? Think about that for a second. 

Please, please watch this documentary! It is on Netflix if you have it and probably elsewhere. https://whatswithwheat.com/

There is so much information in this documentary that will not only open your eyes, but if you are thinking about going gluten free, it will now be so easy, you will never again think about bread.

I work with children everyday and a common conversation among staff and parents is the ridiculous increase of anxiety in teens. When I was a kid, this was not a problem. Same with ADHD and other child ailments. It is so common now, and it has to be caused by something that everyone is doing to get these kinds of results. Let’s stop the poisoning of our children! 

Please watch the documentary. I am always open for discussion, so let me know what you think!! 

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