Porch Herbs

Herbs bring so much flavour and depths to many recipes, but sometimes the act of putting on shoes and walking through the yard to pick them from the garden discourages me from using them regularly. 

I can use herbs is pretty much any dish! Basil in a tomato salad, thyme is a slow cooked tomato sauce with tilapia and chives on… well pretty much anything! 

For this reason, I moved my favourite herbs into containers and right onto my porch. Now when I want to add some fresh taste to a recipe, I just walk out my front porch with some scissors and take what I need! 

For the perennial herbs, just cut them back in the fall and plant back in the garden! You can also move the pots to a place out of freezing cold and wind and cover the plants with straw or leaves for the winter! 

Bon appetite!    

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