First Day Gluten Free

My husband and I have made the decision to start eliminating all poisons and contaminated foods from our diet! This is not a small feat for us as we live a busy, spontaneous lifestyle, we drink, we smoke and we like to make excuses to justify it all! (How’s that for honesty!)

We cannot make all of the changes over night. I am pretty sure we would die from shock 😁 but we can pick one challenge at a time and stick with it!

This week we are eliminating all wheat from our diets. After research on the way it is now processed and contaminated with chemicals, it scares me to put that into my body. I cannot tell you how much I love bread, but I would rather be more alert, healthier and feeling good about myself!

This was our first gluten free meal. We went to the farmers market on Friday morning where I try to do as much of my shopping as possible! We picked up farm fresh eggs, asparagus and potatoes and had one of the best brunches ever!

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